It’s only natural to want the best experience for your child during their college years. It’s a time of growing independence that we do everything we can to support and encourage them.

Many of our residents are experiencing significant change and challenge – whether living on their own for the first time, making the transition to third level education as a first year ‘fresher’, moving city for post-graduate level or moving country to study as an international student.

We want the best for them – as you do. That’s why you have our promise that our residents’ safety, welfare and security is always our top priority.

How safe is Heyday Student Living Dublin?

Carman’s Hall is a brand new building opening its doors for the first time in August 2019. It is built to the highest and most up to date planning regulations, and therefore, applies the latest health and safety standards in its construction.

Compliance Standards

At Heyday, we have selected the most rigorous compliance standards from Ireland and the UK, and we apply these as our standard health and safety process. This combines daily, weekly, monthly, and annual checks to ensure everything remains compliant and is maintained in a safe condition.


The Heyday Student Residence is a building wrapped around an enclosed courtyard. There is electronic access control to and from the building, and CCTV from the street to each part of the building right up to the outside of each bedroom door.

During office hours, the building is manned by our Residence Manager and Assistant Residence Manager. Outside office hours, we have a security guard service on patrol.


Heyday’s central Dublin location makes it easy for students attending most any college. Even if your student hasn’t received their exam results yet, they can book with us and know they will be either a walk or a short bus ride to college.

Being located in the heart of the Liberties means they’ll have an authentic neighbourhood experience. There are local fishmongers, butchers, bakeries, cafes and mom-and-pop shops, along with Tesco, Lidl and Dunnes grocery stores close by.

We’re also around the corner from iconic Meath Street, which is undergoing major improvements to redesign it into a vibrant street with numerous market stalls. The Liberties is really the best neighborhood for students in Dublin. Read about it here.

Fire Safety

Apart from our rigorous health and safety compliance processes, we also brief our residents on safety, and in particular, on fire safety. This briefing is delivered by professional fire safety trainers who are active service Fire Fighters.

Our residents learn about the causes of fires, how to prevent them, how to use the equipment provided throughout the building, evacuation procedures, and how to safely use and store equipment such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, hair straighteners, and hair-dryers.

To our knowledge, no one else in Ireland or the UK provides this safety service to residents in either student or private sector accommodation. In addition, we provide a Portable Appliance Testing service to test all such appliances brought to the building by our residents – laptops, phones, tablets, hair-dryers, hair straighteners, and so on (where the appliances are more than one year old). This helps us to reduce the risk of any incident arising from faulty electrical devices.

Medical Emergencies

We have all the contact details for and directions to local doctors and hospitals, and every resident is provided with these.

Pastoral Care

We keep a list of the contact details of the student welfare offices in the third level institutions at reception and on our notice boards. Each of the institutions has a variety of welfare services available – from student health centres, chaplaincies, counselling services and so on.

Quality and Comfort

Heyday Student Living Dublin has engaged the services of market leading interior designers to produce a beautiful and modern living environment combining plenty of comfortable space for private study and rest, as well as shared spaces such as our gym, our café, our cinema room, and our multi-purpose room.

The multi-purpose room has been designed to be adjustable for use in communal and group activities from group study to seminars, through to social events.

Our buildings are in prime locations, as close as possible to key third level institutions. Heyday Carman’s Hall is no different – being a short walk from Trinity College, Royal College of Surgeons (RSCI), a host of other institutions, and Dublin’s best shopping and cultural districts.

Flexible booking

Nervous about booking for the entire academic year? Go ahead and book for Semester 1 and you can simply book for Semester 2. We’re that flexible.

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